Austin Mejia ’21 – Forever

Second Prize

My video was inspired by ideas surrounding authenticity and the beauty of a moment. Though I’ve barely experienced one semester here at Princeton, I’ve already had so many experiences — whether it be hanging out with friends or watching the snow fall — where I had a conscious thought: “you will remember this for the rest of your life.” I wanted to make a video that captured the life and realness of these moments, something anyone can relate to.

I realized that the moments I cherished the most were of those I spent with my friends, and so I reached out to them and asked them to send me videos they took while at Princeton that they love. Everyone who is featured in the video is listed at the end, thanking them for allowing me to share their moments.

I also had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Sergio Cruz, a senior here at Princeton who writes and performs slam poetry. I reached out to him with the project idea, and a week later we finished mastering the final version of his performance. I am so blessed to work with someone who was not only as talented as he is, but also had four years full of unforgettable moments to draw on. I titled the work Forever after the final line of his poem.

Music: “Paradise” by Ross Bugden

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